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The group owns two ponies, and we’re looking for a third.  Our fourth qualified pony is provided by a Group volunteer.

Picture left is Millie:

She’s been the stalwart of the group for a long time. Millie is a gentle mare who turns out every Tuesday and Thursday to provide our group sessions.  She’s a treasure!

Pictured above is Beryl, our New Forest Pony - after 17 years’ service, she is now in retirement - looked after by Carolin along-term stalwart of our goup.

OUR GREATEST NEED is to find someone who owns a big pony (14 hand +) to join us.

Pictured right is Whizzy— our willing Dartmoor!

He’s won his spurs in all sorts of events, and is also a qualified RDA pony.

He’s owned by our Chairman, who trailers him to Tor View when he’s needed to help Millie.

He came off  the Moor for less than £100!

Meet the ponies that make it all possible!

These ponies are amazing:  they are immensely strong, and have all the instincts of a wild animal.  But they all know their job on a Tuesday & Thursday, and respond to the needs of their disabled clients.

Whizzy does competitive trials when he’s not at the RDA.